A glimpse of the future: Tata Ultra EV, India’s first ever intermediate commercial electric truck

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How many times have you had to feel the burst of exhaust smoke from trucks and tempos? Well, no more. Tata’s Ultra EV, a mid sized EV truck with 100 kilometer showcased at the Auto Expo 2020, will give not just our future generations, but even our own, a better and cleaner place to live. The government of India is already investing heavily in a EV future through its FAME scheme and Indian automobile companies are answering this call.

The Ultra T.7 Electric is the latest offering from Tata Motors in ILCV segment under the world-class vehicle range of Ultra Platform. This EV has been developed for Indian roads and it will redefine transportation industry. The Ultra T.7 Electric fits city transportation needs as the truck is designed to address the agile goods movement and a range of 100 kilometers per day.

  • The features of the Ultra EV are quite impressive
  • The cabin has been designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Ultra T.7 Electric has been designed on the evolving Hub & Spoke model of goods distribution.
  • Sharp turning circle radius (6.95 mt).
  • First In Class TATA Electric Powered Motor generating 245 KW as Peak Power
  • Outstanding gradient climbing ability (26%)
  • AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) with Direct Drive Technology
  • Top speed of the EV truck is 80 kmph
  • Charging time is 2 hours

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