Commercial drivers get 5th Saarthi Aaram Kendra for welfare and better working conditions by Tata Motors.

Commercial drivers will be looked after at the Saarthi Aaram Kendras which have been established to improve their working conditions. The program helps improve their mental and physical health. Tata is running this program in partnership with Pasco Motors. This is a great program that will relieve truck drivers of their stress level.

commercial drivers get 5th saarthi aaaram kendra by Tata Motors and Pasco Motors

This is a good initiative by Tata Motors to make highways safe from any mishap that may be caused due to exhausted mind of a commercial driver. These truck drivers are under the pressure to be effective, which in their business means delivering the maximum in the least amount of time. Being on the road all the time takes away the option of proper health care for these drivers.

Road safety is a big issue that the government along with automobile manufacturers are dealing with through various programs and schemes. Last year around 1.5 lakh people lost their lives in road mishaps. The government of India maintains a state wise black spots and you may be surprised to see the numbers. But this is the reality of the road.

While we all feel invincible, we too drive and travel on the same roads as everybody else. So, road safety should be a concern of each one of us. These facilities for truck drivers will make the roads safer for each one of us.

This is a great move by Tata Motors. In the last 10 months itself they have opened up 5 such centers. It is good to see these automobile manufacturers invest in such highly relevant schemes.

This will not only benefit the truck drivers to recover from the stress of long hours of driving but also every other vehicles on the road. This is not the last Saarthi Kendra that Tata Motors will be opening up.

There are these urban legends that all of us hear, believe and begin to spread about the sleep driving capability of the truck drivers. Well, these rumors begin from some base. The frustration and aggression that you may see on the highways may have been caused due to the long hours of driving. While many of us can argue that its their job, well, who doesn’t like to get some care and benefits while working?

All we need is a little bit of understanding so kudos to whoever came up with this idea of Saarthi Aaram Kendras. The fact that they partnered with another company shows that this is not their core competency at the same time their intention to do bring about a positive environment for commercial drivers is also highlighted.

For benefit of commercial drivers, Tata Motors has launched its 5th Saarthi Aaram Kendra, at Madri, near Udaipur, Rajasthan.

More than 65 drivers attended the launch event and Tata Motors conducted health check-up camp and driver training on health, safety and environment as well.

Appreciating the role of truck drivers in the Indian economy, Mr. Rajesh Kaul, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors said that truck drivers are an important cog in the wheel.

While we have enough people frowning at these truck drivers Tata Motors is welcoming them with a smile and good intentions. They have understood these drivers and have accepted the risks and pressures of their lifestyles and have attempted to provide a solution. What is appreciable is that Tata Motors is moving at a fast pace with this project.

Truck drivers will surely feel a bit positive about this initiative as more than any thing else it is the positive feeling that will be generated. Who doesn’t like to be taken care of, right.

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