Honda Cars India Does Complete Switch Over to BS-6.

Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL), has completed entire wholesale despatches to dealers of BS-4 in Dec’19, the company despatched only BS-6 cars in Jan’20. The models were Petrol BS-6 versions of City, Civic and CRV. Amaze BS-6 was also launched towards the end of last month. The BS-6 versions of other models will be launched successively.

Honda is selling only BS6 vehicles now
Every honda car a customer now buys will come with a BS6 engine

The company has shifted to production of BS-6 models in both its plants of Greater Noida and Tapukara. Domestic dispatches of BS-6 compliant models stood at 5,299 units in Jan’20 and the company will be ramping up the production volume in coming months.

The number of export units stood at 182 units last month.

Mr. Rajesh Goel, Senior Vice President and Director – Marketing and Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd.“As communicated earlier, we are ramping up BS-6 production hence our volumes will be lean in coming months. We are committed to enhancing the supplies and bringing down the waiting period which has gone up during this transition to BS-6.” “With less than a week of stock of BS-4 in the entire dealer network, we are thankful to our dealers for their support in early sales completion of entire BS-4 cars,”

The company had sold 18,261 units in the domestic market in January 2019.

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