SHELL will support 30 mature start-ups for alternate energy and better energy management solutions

Solutions lie in ideas and ideas can be anywhere. Shell is tapping into the idea pool available with start-ups that have the potential to change the future of mobility which is dependent on availability of clean and efficient energy.

10 young companies have been selected for the 2020 edition of this program. If these companies have the capability, Shell along with its partners will definitely bring out positive results.

Start-up supported by Shell for energy management

Shell launched ‘Scale Track’ under its E4 programme which is its start-up incubation programme. The Scale Track has been launched for energy-related mature start-ups that have achieved a product-market fit with their products.

The Track will offer insights industry leaders and companies worldwide. The start ups will be given full access the lab at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore and mentoring.

Shell has partnered with like minded organizations which believe in the cause. Some of them are Indian Angel Network, ABB, AVL, Catapult, Maharashtra State Innovation Society, Ola, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD).

Solutions by start-ups supported by Shell Scale Track

Start-ups such as Energos, IOTomation, LogicLadder, Jal Technologies and APChemi are tackling pollution control, energy storage & distribution and waste management.

Offgrid, Go GreenEOT, Commutec, eee-Taxi, and Magenta Power are providing solutions such as battery technology, Vehicle-As-a-Service, shared mobility, fleet digitization, EV charging with many focusing on the electric vehicle ecosystem.

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