Country wide skill contests by Toyota Motors will result in better cars & services

So what if Toyota is holding country wide skill contests, you ask? Most buyers may not be interested in anything else but cars, their features and prices. But when you go out to buy a car, you should know which company is doing what to make their cars and services better. At the end of the day the car can only be as good as the people who make it. So, investing in people is the best move possible by any automobile company.

skill contest by toyota

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) organized a seminar in Bangalore for Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP) stakeholders which was followed by a skill contest for the T-TEP instructors in Bangalore. The annual regional level seminar for Technical Education Program (T-TEP) was organized along with a skill contest to engage the stake holders

The event was held at the National Manpower Excellence Centre, in Toyota’s Bidadi plant, Bangalore.

The seminar was organized to create a common platform for stakeholders which included T-TEP Institutes, TKM personnel, Supplier partners and Dealer partners.

Skill contest and development for stakeholders means better cars and services for customers.

This is a great move by Toyota to motivate and encourage a culture of improvement and sharing best practices. These activities carried out by Toyota for the betterment of its stakeholder will eventually be reflected in their cars and services. The needs and demands of the customer is changing as they are more aware of what is happening around the world in the auto industry and they want the best of what technology has to offer. These programs will, in short and long run, boost the over all capability of the company to provide better cars and services to its customers.

Mr. Tadao Kidokoro, Vice President, Toyota Kirloskar Motor sail that the ever-evolving needs of the customer and evolving dynamic regulatory environment, new technology demands for newer and more advanced competencies and skills in the auto industry. The Toyota Technical Training Program aims to upscale quality technical training, which will benefit, as mentioned earlier, the customers.

The program was started in India to provide technical training with hands-on real time experience. Toyota has initiated this program in 17 states of india covering 49 ITI/Diploma institutes and benefitting over 8000 students till date.

Initially launched in in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hubli, the program now has a nation-wide coverage at Lalru, Pune, Mysuru, , Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, , Kolkata, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Cochin, Indore, Vizag, Ludhiana, Satara, Cuttack, Haldwani, Bengaluru, Nalbari, Gurgaon, , Paramakudi, Ghaziabad, Mangaluru, Chalakudy, , Nashik and Calicut

This is a company wide program that is followed globally by Toyota. As of now the program covers 508 institutes across 55 countries that includes India, USA, Australia, South Africa, Italy, China and Vietnam.

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