100% renewable energy powered plant will produce Tata Motors commercial busses

Tata will make EV busses from a 100% Renewable energy powered plant. How much more clean production could one possibly ask for. The Tata Motors plant in Lucknow plant rolls out commercial vehicles.

renewable energy at tata motors lucnow plant

The Lucknow plant specializes in modern chassis and busses including Low-floor, Ultra Low-floor, CNG & Rear Engine Buses and high capacity buses. The Energy Management System (EMS) adopted by the plant has resulted in a 38% reduction in energy consumption over the last 4 years.

This vision of of 100% renewable energy powered manufacturing plant will come true by 2030.

Mr. Pramod Choudhary, Plant Head – Tata Motors Lucknow

Lucknow plant is making progress towards attaining this goal of 100% energy from renewable resources by 2030.The share of renewable energy has risen to over 16% in the last 2 years with 4MWp capacity Roof top Solar power plant powering the premises.

The entire process is monitored through energy reports and audit which are in the frequency of hourly and daily.

These efforts to run on 100% renewable energy has been noticed. The Lucknow plant bagged energy-efficiency awards by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, CII and by Ministry of Energy, Govt. of UP.

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