A Driverless future will change the human race and how.

Is it logical to think that driverless cars will change the entire world. How we drive or travel is integral to our lives, be it for work, holiday, long drives or any other intent that gets you behind the wheel. For most, a car is directly related to the persona of the person who owns or buys it. If technology defines who we are, how is a driverless future going to define us. The end of stress and frustration of daily driving would definitely convert into something positive. Imagine the convenience of a metro, taxi or a chauffeured car, but only more personal. Imagine no windows, no windshield, no clutch or breaks or any design or utility in the car for the driver.

There have been drawbacks, of course. Driverless cars have not out of the ambit of fatal accidents. Consider our generation the guinea pig of driverless future.

Driver in the driverless car
book by Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever

This book, ‘the driver in the driverless car’ defines how driverless cars will change landscape and society, having a far greater impact on human race than we can imagine. Any subject in the book will come in handy in conversations, except that it will give you a new perspective on the topics covered.

RPM Dreams is not being paid to review the book. I have found the book to be interesting, hence, sharing my delight with the readers. I have only read chapter 12 in part IV as it is of my interest and relevant to the website.

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