Attention F1 Fans! Ferrari F1 SF 1000 launched for the 2021 season

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc unveiled the team’s 2020 challenger, the SF1000, at an launch ceremony at the iconic Romolo Valli Theatre in Reggio Emilia, some 30km from Ferrari’s Maranello hometown.

Attention F1 Fans! Ferrari F1 SF 1000 launched for the 2021 season 1

After a spectacular introduction, featuring an orchestra, choir and ballet dancers, as well as speeches from Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri and Team Principal Mattia Binotto in front of a video backdrop of Ferrari’s F1 history, the new car made its appearance.

Team Principal Mattia Binotto confirmed that the SF1000 was an evolution of last year’s SF90, the car that finished second to Mercedes in the 2019 constructors’ standings – with the technical regulations having remained largely stable for 2020 ahead of Formula 1’s major rule upheaval in 2021.

“The starting point was the car of last year, the SF90,” said Binotto. “But certainly we have been extreme on the concept as much as we could… It may look similar to last year but it’s completely different to the one of last year, and a lot of the concepts are very extreme on [the SF1000].”

Binotto also said that a key focus for Ferrari in 2020 would be improving reliability, as well as righting the wrongs of the 2019 season – a year which saw the team outscored 739 points to 504 by Mercedes.

“The [technical] group is still young,” said Binotto. “We still have to grow, we have to learn from our mistakes, we have to capitalise on this and concentrate on reliability, which was one of the weak points last season.

“At the same time we have the 2021 project that… is the greatest change that has ever occurred in F1 since the beginning. We have to be ready for this.”

Though Ferrari has the best drivers, Vettel and Leclerc’s are not the best of team mates. We saw a lot of Ferrari Vs Ferrari in season 2020 and would love to see it againin the next but Ferrari management will be depending on the two to work together to bring Ferrari a constructors’ championship, which they haven’t won since 2008 – and Ferrari’s first drivers’ title since Kimi Raikkonen’s 2007 triumph.

Unless the cheetahs have been tamed to work as a team, we will surely see Ferrari SF 1000 V/s Ferrari SF 1000 on the tracks, which, when happen, becomes the main focus of the race.

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