1st look of the new BatBike – Batman prefers a vintage cafe racer

The design of the new BatBike is more inclined towards the classic cafe racer. That explains the vintage looking front cowl, the regular head lights and not LED lights and the drop down classic racer handle bars with bar end mirrors, which is the only modern aerodynamically shaped component visible on the bike besides the thick racing tyres.

What powers the BatBike

The bike visibly has a 4 cylinder boxer engine. Why a boxer engine? well, a boxer engine has a lower centre of gravity, compared to a V twin, which gives it a faster lateral acceleration. The boxer engines were phased out in 1995. However, due to the demand and rising trend of vintage everything, the boxer engines have found a new lease of life.

For more details on the motorcycle, we will just have to wait for more photos to pop up on the internet.

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