Corona Virus: How to keep your Car clean and free from COVID-19

Lets see how we can keep our cars safe from Corona Virus COVID-19 while keeping the interiors and upholstery intact and undamaged. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment and share your ideas with the world.

Car Clean Corona Virus COVD-19

First of all, as Prime Minister has repeatedly said, do not panic. The virus is out there and there is no where we can run. But we can surely help ourselves in keeping our surroundings as safe as possible. Most importantly, such at such a crucial time, it is important that we act responsibly. The corona virus is not something that is to be feared, it has to be dealt with smartly. Do not indulge in rumor mongering. For any information go to Ministry of Health, Government of India website.

Do not be overwhelmed by the list of things to do for keeping your car clean and as safe as possible from Corona Virus. Remember, a car cabin is a very very small space. So it is easy to clean, yet since it is a small space, it is even more important to keep it clean and safe.

  1. First of all, avoid non essential travel and do not get into a crowded car or a car pool. As per advisory of Ministry of Health, Government of India. Social distancing is a good step to avoid coming in contact with the virus.
  2. Let us start with the frequently touched areas of the car.
    • The door handles outside
    • Driver and passenger door knobs inside
    • Steering wheel
    • Gear knobs
    • Ignition keyhole and the area around it
    • Ignition start buttonI
    • Indicator switches
    • Light switches
    • Stereo
    • Windows buttons
    • Driver and passengerArm rests
    • Door armrests
    • Dashboard
    • Glove compartment knob
    • Hand break
    • Seatbelt buckles
    • AC vent direction knob
    • Car keys
    • Your phone as you are going to keep them somewhere in the car
    • Phone chargers
    • Sun wiser
    • Side rear view mirror adjusters
    • All buttons that you may touch or within range of your hands or hands of passengers.
    • And of course, take a moment and think about where all you usually touch the car.
  3. Before you start washing your car, wash your hands first. Yes, first wash your hands and then start cleaning the car and do not touch your face while cleaning. keep tissues if you want to wipe the sweat trickling down your fore head.
  4. Use a good quality microfibre cloth if you do not want to damage your car interiors. Normal cloth used on dusty surface can cause scratches in the interiors.
  5. Well, what do you use to clean the car. If you are thinking alcohol based cleaner, then yes, if you are thinking plain old alcohol, well, you may stain the car interiors. You need Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your car. If you think that is a fancy complicated word, then don’t. It is easily available on (at not so fancy prices)
  6. In case you are in a hurry to wash your car and cannot wait to order isopropyl alcohol, then use soap and water, use more of soap and less of water. soap and water is safe for most car interiors.
  7. For leather upholstery use a good leather cleaner and post that a leather conditioner.
  8. Leather can also be cleaned using ivory soap. Ivory soaps are basically pure and lighter than water. It actually floats!
  9. If you have a vacuum cleaner then just vacuum the hell out of each and every corner.
  10. This may sound a bit paranoid but keep lots of tissues in your backpack, car, office everywhere. Wherever possible avoid direct contact especially when you travel in cabs.
  11. Carry alcohol based sanitizers or any alcohol based liquid to help keep your hands clean.
  12. For official details on how to deal with the virus, read the official statements of the Ministry of Health, Government of India

While we all think we know everything about the Corona Virus, well don’t. Even scientists and doctors don’t know everything yet. We all are learning. Do not believe in any fact or statement that remotely sounds too real to be true.

If you think cleaning your own car is too much work and rather get it done outside, then the entire point of a clean car is lost. Do it yourself, under your supervision or under the supervision of someone who actually cares for you health and wellbeing. Love your car as much as you love your self because when you step inside the car, everything is symbiotic.

The Helpline Number for corona-virus : +91-11-23978046 Toll Free No: 1075

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