BS6 petrol and diesel for India. Research suggests Ultra low sulphur fuel is good for engines

As India inches closer to to BS6 emission norms starting 1 April 2020, Oil companies are switching to production of BS6 petrol and diesel only. The basic difference in BS6 and BS4 fuel is the sulphur content. While BS4 fuel contains up to 50 ppm of sulfur, BS6 fuel contains less than 10 ppm of sulphur. Government is ensuring only sulphur BS6 petrol and diesel for India and investing heavily in EV support infrastructure.

India has been declared a developed nation, it is time to behave like one too

BS6 petrol and diesel

After combustion, sulphur present in the fuel forms particulates that are the primary cause of pollution. Sulphur also produces sulphuric acids in the engine and causes corrosion in the engine as well. To counter this, engine oils contain alkaline substances called detergents that react with the acids to prevent corrosion of engine. With BS6 fuel coming in the picture, so will the composition of engine oils. Expect to see launch of new variants of engine oils in near future.

Getting back to the bigger picture, pollution control strategies, policies or even BS6 vehicles will not reduce pollution till a cleaner fuel is adopted as well. Recently on 7 February 2020, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) announced a 100 percent switch to production of BS6 fuels.

There being a PSU monopoly over oil sector, all of them will surely and quickly follow suit. IOCL has upgraded its refineries for production of BS6 fuels. These new technology based on desulfurization, isomerization and dimerisation technology have been developed in-house. The company has has spent over 437 crores on research & development alone.

Cost of low sulphur BS6 petrol and diesel in India

Are there costs involved in switching to clean low sulphur BS6 petrol and diesel? Yes, of course the technology and upgrades are expensive. Even the BS6 cars will be more expensive. Manufacturers are going to compromise on the features in the BS6 variants to keep costs at par with BS4 models. But what price can one put on good health of our children, on clean fresh air and and a less polluted future?

Our generations will remember us for what we leave them with so what price do you put on respect and admiration of our children? These decisions and changes we adopt will make the human race more mature and understanding. So do not be overwhelmed or criticize the changes, this our chance to be remembered as those who wanted a better future which we will not live long enough to see.

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    […] is giving Indian customers what they have been waiting for -a choice. A choice of owning BS6 petrol and diesel. Unlike Maruti Suzuki which has taken the diesel option off the table for the time being. Multiple […]

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