Narendra Modi or Donald Trump: Whose car is m0re impressive

Namaste Trump: A historic meet of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and POTUS, Donald Trump happened today and the world’s largest cricket stadium was inaugurated by POTUS.

Everyone is talking about the Modi-Trump friendship. Both leaders have proclaimed their good friendship in front of the entire world. There must be many security, trade and other international issues they would be discussing. Do you think they talk or boast about their cars as well?

Donald Trump The Beast
POTUS Donald Trump Car, ‘The Beast’

Donald Trump’s car has a name, Does Narendra Modi’s car have a name as well?

While no nickname has been given to the car that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi travels in, for the sake of sounding culturally correct and cool, let’s call it ‘Darunga’. POTUS Donald Trump’s car is quite popularly known as ‘The Beast’. Many call it ‘Cadillac one’ or ‘Car one’.

One thing common about both the leaders is that the cars they use belong to their respective countries.

Narendra Modi Car
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s official car, ‘Darunga’

‘Darunga’, as we are going to call it henceforth, is an armored Range Rover Sentinel that offers 360 degree protection to its passengers. Amongst the many features, the car has armored glass, a protection cell, Roof and under-floor blast protection, run-flat system which will take the car for a good 50 kilometers at 80 Kmph, fragmentation protection and an emergency escape system.

Here is a list of features and specifications of Darunga and The BeastWhich car do you think is better?

CarCadillacLand Rover Sentiel
NicknameThe Beast/ Cadillac One/ Car OneDarunga (nicknamed by RPMD)
Engine8000 CC5.0 litre Supercharged Petrol Engine
Gear ShiftHeavy Duty Hydra-Matic8 speed Automatic
Power800 bhp544 BHP
Mileage3.4 kmpl4.5- 7.46
0-100 kmph15 seconds6.1 seconds
top speed97 KMPH210
Price (estimate)Rs. 11.5 cororeRs 3 Crore
Armour and protection Titanuim, ceramic, steel and aluminiumVR 7 and VR9 grade compliant protection
8 inch thick aromour doorsSelf healing fuel tank
Reinforced tyres with kevlar Run-Flat tyre system
Advanced fire fighting systemEmergency escape system
night visionUnderfloor and roof blast protection
cannonsVehicle Blast Protection
tear gasBallestic armoured cell
medical supplies including blood typeDeep water driving
communication centreMine protection
Missile and projectile ressitantArmoured Glass
zero visibility driving capabilityFire suppressant system
under-floor armour to withstand mines

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