Mahindra showcases its export model E-Ludix scooter. India launch soon.

  • e-lidux-1
  • e-lidux-2
  • e-lidux-3
  • e-lidux-4
  • e-lidux-5
  • Weight 80 kg
  • Powered by 3KW Bosch lithium ion battery
  • Top speed of 45 KMPH
  • Up to 50 kilometer per charge.

This is the kind of automotive solution India needs at the moment – sleek, light weight, futuristic a decent range. When it comes to any EV, the first thing that we start calculating is how often will we have to charge the bike or car. Well, we do charge our phone almost on a daily basis, so is it a big deal to charge a Ebike every day? 50 kilometer on a bike would be like a phone which runs all day with active usage of instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube and other channels. This would get you whereever you want and back very comfortably and then a trip to the gym or any where else during the day would be covered pretty easily.

Currently, the E-Ludix scooter is made in India but sold in France. But Mahindra is considering launching Indian version of the scooter here as well. We will have to see what changes do they make to the E-scooter for the Indian roads. The changes will be done keeping the price in mind of course, because Indians are simply more demanding. Consumers will have to wait to know if it will come as a Mahindra E-Ludix or a Peugeot E-Ludix in India.

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