The modern and powerful Aprilla SXR 160 revealed.

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    Aprilla SXR 160 launched at the Auto Expo 2020
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Mostly responsible for starting the vintage scooter craze in India, Piaggio India has revealed the modern and powerful Aprilia SXR 160 at the Auto Expo 2020. Besides the 160 cc engine, a 125 cc engine will power another variant of the Aprilia SXR. Bookings for the SXR 160 will commence from August 2020.


  1. Twin head and tail lamps
  2. Lit up storage under the seat
  3. Split glove box
  4. USB charging
  5. Integrated fly screen
  6. Steering handle bar
  7. Digital cluster.
  8. 12-inch, 5-spoke alloys
  9. Disc brakes with ABS

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